About Us

Todaytec is a global manufacturer of Thermal Transfer Ribbon supporting all major industrial printers.  Spanning four continents, Todaytec strives to assist all resellers with a diverse lineup of ribbon. With the 2nd largest global volume of ribbon, Todaytec works to help expand businesses of all sizes with low costs and proven quality.
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Thermal Transfer Ribbon

10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any minimum order requirement?
     ~No, you can purchase any quantity but we do ask you use the default packaging quantities if possible.
2. Do your cases or packaging include your logo or company name?
     ~No, our cases, packaging and labels do not include our company information whatsoever.
3. Can you customize your labels to add Branded Imagery?
     ~Yes, you can send us a copy of your logo, label format or other branded imagery to be included. 
4. Do your rolls include labeling stickers?
     ~No, but they are available upon request.
5. Where do you ship to?
     ~We will ship to anywhere requested including internationally.
6. Is free shipping ever offered?
     ~Free shipping is included on all orders of 40 standard cases and most cases have 24 rolls each.
7. Do prices ever change?
     ~Lower prices are available as order volumes increase.  You can also order product to be shipped                   from our China warehouse for greater discounts.
8. Where will orders in the USA ship from?
     ~Orders destined for east of El Paso, TX generally ship from Charlotte, NC.  Orders destined         
       for west of El Paso, TX generally ship from Ontario, CA.  We also have warehouses in Toronto, CA and                 Monterrey, MX.
9. Do you provide Near Edge ribbon as well?
     ~Yes, we supply Flat Head and Near Edge ribbon for all major industrial printers.
10. Can you provide custom size ribbons?
     ~Yes, we can provide ribbon as thin as 40mm (1.57" wide) and as large as 500mm (19.7" wide).