Wax Ribbons

TDW101 Resin Enhanced Wax
Versitle general purpose economy wax ribbon suitable for a wide range of substrates and applications. Prints at high speeds and at low energy settings.  [Learn More...]

 TDW121 Premium Resin Enhanced Wax
High quality wax ribbon providing excellant print quality and fast printing speeds with low energy requirements. Excellent smudge and smear performance. Performs in many applications typically requiring wax-resin ribbons.  [Learn More...]


Wax-Resin Ribbons

TDM200 Wax-Resin
Versitle wax-resin ribbon suitable for a large variety of substrates. Excellent print quality and durability makes this the ideal choice for service bureau work and applications requiring abrasion resistance. Prints well on poly and synthetic materials.  [Learn More...] 

TDM238 Premium Wax-Resin
High performance wax-resin ribbon suitable for use in all high abrasion resistance applications. Excellent outdoor durability makes this the ideal choice for horticulture. Provides dark high contrast printing for healthcare, pharmaceutical and food applications. Prints well at high speeds on almost any thermally printable substrate.  [Learn More...]


Resin Ribbons

TDR331 Premium Resin
Premium resin ribbon for use in almost any thermal transfer application. Prints on all major printing substrates. Suitable for chemical, automotive, and electronic applications. Ideal for rating plates and other permanent labeling needs.  [Learn More...]


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